Big Time


A MMORPG that stands out due to its unique art, vibrant colours and game quality. Something rarely seen in the world of crypto games.

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How to play

You can choose between at least four different classes for your character: Time Warrior, Chronomancer, Shadowblade and Quantum Fixer. The game has time travels as a center-piece for their story, gameplay and tokenomics. The game type can be compared to that of World of Warcraft where quests can lead you and your squad all around the world and even time.

Among the weapons you will though find many usual suspects in the world of MMORPG's incl. battle axe, dual blades, two-handed great sword, sword & shield and warhammer, each enabling your characters skills and class ability.

As the game develops, it will open to the public and become free to play.

How to earn

Playing the game will reward you with tokens and NFTs. You can chose to use these items and tokens to upgrade or enhance your character cosmetic, items, or land. Your other option is sell them in exchange for $ which you can withdraw.

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