Blankos Block Party

Open world

Blankos Block Party is a open world game with extremely cute characters. It's free to play with the option to buy additional items for your character. It's a bit like Roblox - just different and of course a lot smaller at this stage.

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Open access
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How to play

Join the game and find the challenges you find most interesting. By sign-up you are rewarded a character and ready to play. With your character you can complete a variety of challenges on your own or along with your friends. For every challenge you complete you level-up your character and get a chance to earn more rare avatars. A builder tool is also available enabling you to be the “owner” of the experience

How to earn

Earn your way up by completing challenges in-game. Attend events or parties to get a chance to earn rare items. Many of your items can be re-sold on the marketplace and are yours by default. In-game you can earn Moola (in-game currency) by completing challenges, completing gigs and attending events

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