Elrond Mafia

Top-down shooter

Elrond Mafia is a 2D collection of 5555 Mobsters from Elrond City. The rest of the world sees us as criminals, we are just building Web 3. The organization thought about a powerful project to bring a strong mafia into the city. Team's experience will allow the success of our evolving game.

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Public Alpha
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How to play

Join the Blood Arena's War and experience a fully immersive world in a merciless battle. Stronger, smarter, better, new activities & Game modes are coming to bring Mafia into a new space.

Right now it’s free to play and can be downloaded through their website

How to earn

Our P2E social hub will be our headquarters. Each person in this mafia will earn what they deserve. This will be an evolving video game only available on PC. Join the organization now by becoming a member of the Mafia. Chat, play, earn money & work with other members. (Poker, Casino, PVP armed, Missions, Firing Range, & more mini-games) This is the beginning of a whole ecosystem for our Web 3 Builders.

Through Merchandising & Strategic partnerships, mobsters can expect exclusive drops.

Currently the earning part will come with the beta release, which is planned to happen very soon!

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