First-person shooter

Ev.io is a first-person shooter developed by an experienced team, with a passion for fast-paced gaming. It is built on the Solana ecosystem which makes transactions fast and cheap for everyone.

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How to play

The best thing about the games is how easily accessible it is, no download is needed. All you do is go to your web browser and search for ev.io and you’ll be in a match within seconds. The game shares many similarities with other FPS, making it easy for players to enjoy. However, the games introduce some other features that make it new and exciting. All players are equipped with  4 grenades and 1 teleportation tool. For grenades, there is a flashbang, smoke, sticky bomb, and an impluse grenade. The teleportation tool allows for short-range teleportation. This improves the dynamics of the game.

How to earn

You earn by equipping character or weapon skins, this will reward some small amount of the cryptocurrency Solana for every kill you get in-game. Other times one can be rewarded by killing a bot and the bot dropping a skin which is then transferred to ones wallet. These skins can be purchased or sold on fractal or magiceden. Another way of earning without investing in a skin is through tournaments and clanwars. The ev.io community has different clans which often have tournaments and competitive matches. In some of these games, there are cash prizes and skins to be won.

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