Forge Arena

First-person shooter

Forge Arena was initially launched in 2018 as a competitive FPs without any relation to blockchain. Later it got retrofitted into being a blockchain game and do now have a full token economy build on WAX.

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Entrance barrier
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How to play

Before you can get going and deliver headshots left and right you have a bit of work to do. On their website you will find a three step guide 1) set up your WAX wallet, 2) buy an NFT and 3) download the launcher. We went with the WAX Cloud Wallet, deposited the required 5 usd and used 0,30 of them on an NFT in the game. From there it is just downloading the game and get going.

Once you are in you will find an impressive game where you can both go for casual rounds or get in the discord waiting line for the highly competitive 5v5 game mode.

How to earn

Within Forge Arena you can earn in three different ways. 1) You earn bounty credits from completing daily challenges and missions, 2) You earn soul credits from accumulated kills in game, 3) You earn Scrap from time used playing the game.

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