Heroes of Mavia

Builder & Strategy Game

Mobil strategy game

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How to play

The gameplay is similar to that of clash of clans but with its own elements as well. The goal is to raid other bases and get their loot, this can be used to upgrade and improve your own place. Other players will also raid your base so you have to protect it using walls and different kinds of defend weapons

How to earn

Heroes of Mavia is a game that improves the tokenomics of games like Axie Infinity and blends it with the fun to play mechanics of games like Clash of Clans. Players acquire a land NFT either by buying outright, renting from an owner, or cutting a partnership deal based on the skill of the player. Players will then wage battles with land, air, and vehicle units whereby an attacker will lay siege upon a defender’s land. The defender will fortify their land with troops, up to 4 heroes which are unique and powerful units and up to 4 statues, which improve battle economy.

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