Phantom Galaxies


Phantom Galaxies is an open world game enabling to fight the factions of Neoterra and other bad guys in a fast-pased mech shooter setup.

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How to play

Phantom Galaxies is a fast-paced third-person experience that looks and plays just like the traditional 3D action RPGs (ARPG).

When you see the robots flying around in outer space engaging in big spectacular fights you just want to play this game now. You must however at least wait until Q3 2022, where there will be early access to the game. In the meantime check out the amazing "behind the scenes" shots on their website.

How to earn

Phantom Galaxies will have a range of non-fungible and fungible tokens that are used for Governance, Starfighter Fusion, and entry into certain activities. In-game resources and materials will be represented by uncapped fungible tokens that can be harvested and scavenged in the open universe and then traded on the Phantom Galaxies marketplace.

If you are not interested in owning / trading NFTs and simply wish to play an incredible game, there is no need to participate beyond owning a Halberd-001 NFT. This NFT will allow you to play all 4 episodes of the Alpha Test. Then when the full game is released it will cost the same as a typical MMO to buy into the game and continue playing. The special limited edition Starfighters and Avatars will provide no gameplay advantage. Keep in mind that the common Starfighter and Avatar NFTs that will be required to play the game will be around the same cost as a traditional AAA game.

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