Open world

The Sandbox is a Roblox like universe where you can jump in, hangout and try different experiences built within the Sandbox universe.

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How to play

The Sandbox is one of the most hyped open world games offering a Roblox x Minecraft like universe. It is user-generated games and worlds that can freely be accessed and played.

Travel and go from world-to-world exploring different games and experiences created by the users

Try out Snoop Doggs Snoopverse a virtual world as it looks in the mind and eyes of Snoop Dogg.

If you got energy for it you can create your own land, experience or game too!

How to earn

Sandbox is fully free but based on Blockchain technology, so everything you buy or earn is yours! You can re-sell, earn or buy within Sandbox and within each experience

Complete quests, earn raffle tickets and get a chance to win $sand-tokens. $Sand-tokens are the currency in Sandbox and equivalent to $$.

Earn recurring interest on your in-game currency $Sand. If you lend your $Sand back to the game you currently earn an interest of 23% per year.

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